A Little Gift For Mum

So everyone who knows me knows how much of a sop I am towards my Mum. She’s been my absolute rock these last few weeks whilst I’ve been majorly struggling with my mental health. Not only has she helped me financially in the best ways she could (she’s been buying me cereal and milk every week to make sure I’m eating, and feeding me tea four times a week when I pop over to hers) she’s also just been a great listener when I’ve needed it. She also bought me flowers too, those helped a lot.

So when I got the chance to get a free cake worth £14.99 from bakerdays, my thoughts were instantly on surprising my Mum! Not only does she deserve some cake (who doesn’t) but she loves it too (again, who doesn’t). So I got straight onto their website and chose the most adorable design “wonderful mum cake” and decided to put on a little thank you on the end to make it more personalised. What I love about bakerdays is that it can be completely personalised to what you want, so you can put a funny picture on it or just plain text or chose one of the already made designs! They have such a wide variety that you don’t know which one to go for! You also have the choice of a traditional sponge, chocolate or lemon drizzle. Along with gluten or dairy free (I love that they offer this!). So I decided on the traditional sponge as it’s my Mum’s favourite, as well as letting the lovely woman know there was no specific date in mind so whenever she got the time. In this case, she got it sent out to me within two days!


So the cake arrived as planned on a Wednesday and I was there ready and waiting for my Mum to get home and see the parcel that she wasn’t expecting. Her face was so confused when she saw the cardboard box with ‘bakerdays’ written on it and even more so when she saw the gorgeous little tin inside. But then once she opened the tin and saw the amazing design printed on a beautiful cake she instantly smiled and said how lovely the gesture was, and not only did it make her day, but it made mine too!

So onto the cake itself, not only can this cake be kept for 14 days (not that it lasted even a day in my house) but it’s super moist and is absolutely full of flavour! The vanilla wasn’t too strong but you could definitely taste it and the icing was so sweet! The jam, however, was in short supply and I didn’t really get a full taste of it but the moisture of the cake itself was good enough to let that slide a little!

Overall my experience with bakerdays was a lovely one and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience this lovely little gift to my mum from such a fabulous company. Not only was the cake and tin to die for, but it would’ve been worth every penny if I’d of paid!

Until next time,

Cat x


  1. What a lovely thing – it’s like moonpig but for cakes. Anything that is personalised is amazing. So glad you had a great experience, thank you for sharing xo


  2. Aww I love this idea! What a cute, personal little gift. I’ll need to check them out.
    And that’s so lovely of your mum, they rock! Hope you’re doing good now x


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