SkinKissed Serum

So something that I struggle a lot with is my problem skin. I suffer from bad stress breakouts and blemishes from my teenage years. This can really affect my confidence and the reason I got into makeup in the first place!

I was lucky enough to receive an email from a company called SkinKissed regarding a vitamin C serum they have that is targeted towards fine lines and wrinkles and acne. They offered me a bottle to create an honest review and I jumped at the chance!

So when I ordered the serum through their website they instantly sent me an email (a generic one that they send to all orders) saying how it should be used twice a day for 14 days before seeing a major difference and that I should try and drink plenty of water to help it.

The bag arrived the same week of ordering which was great as I was dying to start using it. At first, the packaging looked slightly dodgy, it came in bubble wrap (which is great for a glass bottle) but upon opening the bag I saw that there was a little amount of serum inside which had obviously leaked. I searched the bottle hoping that it hadn’t been broken in the post but luckily it wasn’t! I’m guessing another bottle in the warehouse had broke or leaked causing the others to be soiled a bit with it. I thought that was slightly worse as the person packing it mustn’t have checked before sending, but I washed it under the sink and put that part to the back of my mind for now.


So true to the email they sent me I used it religiously for the 2 weeks, twice a day, and I’ve been staying hydrated as much as I can and HOLY MOLY THIS STUFF IS AMAZING.

At first, when putting on the serum your skin feels slightly tacky which worried me a little, but after 5 minutes the tackiness goes and your face just seems supple and moisturised. After about a week I’d noticed my acne had dramatically calmed down and I felt as though everything was a lot tighter! After the two weeks, I’ve realised that it’s actually a vital part of my daily routine now and I honestly don’t want to stop using it! I highly recommend it and would definitely suggest if you want to try out something new to check this out at

Until next time,

Cat x

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