Silver Ring Workshop!

So down a little (very hidden – I got lost a bit) alleyway in the middle of Newcastle city centre, hides a hidden gem. A glorious artsy shop called The Glamorous Owl. It offers a wide range of amazing handmade items, including jewellery, drawings, paintings, candles and even glass creatures all made and designed by artists in the North East. Right up my alley! (excuse the pun)

My Nana got a voucher from my Mum for Christmas to make her very own silver ring, the voucher was for a pair too, so she asked me straight away! With us both being artists she thought I’d definitely enjoy it!

So we were the first people there and had such a lovely and wonderful welcome from the two ladies in the store, who also let my nana sit behind the counter with them because she couldn’t stand for too long, which I appreciated.

So there were around 4 other couples there, all excited as us, we went up the stairs of the listed building’s shop, and there was a long table in the middle of the room.

All of took turns looking at the different styles of the rings we could make and whether we wanted a thin one or thick, me being boyish I chose to go for the thicker band style, and a dimpled effect on the outer. The other styles included a tree bark effect or feather, which looked so pretty but I had my heart set!

The lovely lady came round to each of us separately, helping us decide what sizes we are and design and telling us the difficulty, which benefited us as my nana couldn’t do anything too strenuous on her hands!

So we got cracking! The lady took us all through each step, and we all had so much fun! Bending and creasing, pulling and tweezing, soldering and melting!

In total it took around 2 hours to perfect the ring, we had a 15-minute break to stretch our legs while waiting for each other to solder with the lady individually, and they supplied a range of green teas and coffees and even a slice of cake or two!

Overall it was such a rewarding day out, I and my Nana had a lovely time and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new! We were complete newbies and still are, but it was fun none-the-less!

And if anyone is wondering, you can buy a voucher for 2 people on wowcher for £39. Bargain if you ask me!

Speak soon,




  1. Sounds like a lovely workshop! A few more pictures would be nice. But other than that really enjoyed your post. Love your writing style <3. Certainly going to follow your blove.

    Love, Angela


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