Beauty Beneath

beauty beneath supplements

Something I never thought I’d blog about is something that’s so simple and everyday item for many, but here I am! First blog-post and it’s about… vitamins!

In my GlossyBox (January 2018), I received a very unusual item, a box of food supplements, to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Hmmm, I’m 21?

Nevertheless, the box was very pretty, I read the ingredients,


and as the main item I saw that it contains is Biotin, which is the main ingredient in many hair and skin vitamins, as it’s known for helping maintain healthy growth and texture. Instantly, I was intrigued.

Looking further into the box, it also contains collagen, all the vitamins you need, kelp (which helps skin look tighter and younger) and evening primrose oil (which I was taking anyways) along with many other helpful ingredients. So I was sold once reading further into the box, as at first, I was nervous, I don’t have wrinkles yet after-all.

beauty beneath supplements

So after about two weeks of taking these tablets (one large and one small tablet a day), I started to see a massive difference in how my skin was feeling, it felt softer to touch and I had a lot fewer breakouts which I am always prone too due to stress. By week 3 I noticed that my breakouts had pretty much stopped, getting one at most in the third week. Although I can’t tell you whether these are good for fine lines and wrinkles, I can tell you they’re definitely worth it for healthier looking skin in general!

So looking further into them, I realised they were £39.99 a box…for a month’s worth. This was a little too steep for me, after all they’re only food supplements, but then I realised they were permanently on the 3 for 2 offer at Boots. This means that average out at £26.66 a month if you buy them in a batch of 3! Now that’s not bad for something you start to see a difference from in 3 weeks!

Overall I would highly recommend these vitamins, I will definitely be buying them in the future and thank you GlossyBox for introducing me to such a different aspect of beauty!

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  1. Loved the first post, I love Lincoln for it’s winding roads and the oldly worldly look

    My blog however is slightly darker
    Maybe read the post To Be Numb if you want a sad read, tissues at the ready though ! Xx


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