Korean face masks…worth the rave?

First off, I didn’t buy these.

My very close friend Jennifer is half Korean, so naturally, she loves Korean skin products. As they’re very much into cutsie, quirky animals and anything that looks adorable, I should’ve expected nothing less than to find these animal face masks on the market.

So in Newcastle, a new shop has been opened called MaskHouse. Now I had no idea this existed, but of course my friend Jen would be all over it, considering all it sells is Korean skin care products. And seen as it was my 21st birthday the other week, Jen decided to get me a couple to show me what the rave is all about.

And I’m not even complaining.

One of the best things about a Sunday night for me is around 6 o’clock, I sit in some super comfy pj’s, after having a hot shower, shaving everywhere, lather on some soap and glory sugar crush body scrub and moisturising after, I love to sit in front of the tv and put on a face mask. Now usually, my boyfriend looks at me funny and always says a sly comment, however this time, I really gave him a giggle.

So the type of mask she bought me are Barrisom Animal Masks, each one you choose is a different animal face with different proporties behind them, for example, the one I tried was a panda face which is an Antioxident, is moisturizing and rejuvenating. But she also got me a tiger mask which is Anti-aging, nourishing and rejuvenating, and a sheep with the proporties of skin brightening and whitening (which I can’t wait to try because I love being pale) and evening out of complexion.

After having a giggle with my boyfriend for a good  couple of minutes after putting on the panda mask I sat down and watched some T.V whilst letting the mask do it’s thing. When putting it on I noticed it was absolutely sopping with product, I find this to a  little bit of a pain as it’s difficult to unfold and can get a little messy.

However after I’d taken it off and let the moisture settle for around 10 minutes, my skin felt so soft and almost lighter, I noticed my pores had been almost shrivled up and I loved the feel that my face was brighter.

Overall, I can’t wait to try out more of the Barrisom products, and thank you to Jennifer for introducing me!

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